September 19, 2021

2021 Annual Fall Meeting of the Broadband Commission

| Hybrid Meeting - In-person in New York and Virtual

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About the Meeting

This year’s Broadband Commission Annual Fall Meeting 2021 is entitled, “People-centered Approaches to Universal Broadband.” At the meeting Commissioners will discuss the road ahead in digital cooperation, examining role of strong partnerships, new business models, frontier technologies and collaborative policy and financing approaches in making it worth the risk to unleash the power of connectivity for all and accelerate investments in the digital transformation process for the new normal.

Plenary Agenda

  • Welcome: Opening remarks by the Co-Chairs of the Commission
  • Special Session: Championing Digital Cooperation
  • Session 2: Unleashing the Power of Connectivity and Beyond
  • Session 3: Pushing forward People-Centered Approaches for Universal Connectivity
  • Closing: Concluding remarks by the Co-Vice Chairs