Policy Recommendations for the Decade of Action​

For over a decade, the Broadband Commission has tasked its multi-stakeholder membership to develop policy recommendations that are critical to realizing universal connectivity.

These recommendations are published annually in the Commission’s Flagship State of Broadband Reports. Below we have consolidated 10+ years of reports to present the Commission’s key steps for the Decade of Action to ensure global implementation and adoption of broadband and achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. While we have organized these recommendations into distinct categories, we would like to emphasize that all are interconnected and are not intended to be siloed, but rather are organized for ease of reference.

Funding & Investment

  • Use of universal service funds to develop broadband
  • Update ICT regulations to promote more investment and market approaches for sustainability
  • Expand initiatives to map network coverage and infrastructure needs, to develop priority lists for investment
  • Incentivize and accelerate broadband investment
  • Promote advanced market commitments for rural broadband access
  • Incentivize Public & Private Partnerships

Policy & Regulation

  • Implement new approaches and frameworks for spectrum allocation and licensing
  • Merge regulation and convergent services
  • Lower taxations and duties
  • Improve right-of-way regulations
  • Make broadband affordable by adopting appropriate policy and regulation
  • Implement e-government initiatives
  • Consider and, if appropriate, apply open access approaches to infrastructure
  • Monitor and collect reliable ICT data
  • Undertake public consultations on policy and regulation
  • Improve IoT and Smart City policy frameworks
  • Promote free flow of data

Environmental, Social & Governance

  • Support efforts to provide broadband connectivity to refugees and displaced individuals
  • Include in broadband plans efforts on digital inclusion, measures to protect children online, a focus on limiting environmental impacts and addressing climate, and public access initiatives
  • Boost affordability and usability of broadband-enabled products and services, with a focus on addressing barriers faced by those at risk of being left behind
  • Integrate gender in national broadband plans & strategies and undertake action plans to advance gender equality in access to broadband
  • Address environmental impacts of digital infrastructure and the potential of connectivity in addressing the climate emergency
  • Adopt a people-centric approach
  • Ensure public confidence in participating online by considering increasing efforts to prevent cybercrime & cybersecurity incidents

Champions & Entrepreneurship

  • Identify champions or leaders in broadband to mobilize political and technology support
  • Encourage e-business and entrepreneurship
  • Foster digital innovation by preserving intellectual property (IP) rights
  • Foster locally relevant content creation and local hosting
  • Build human digital capacity and skills to help users, SMEs and public sector agencies make the most of digital opportunities

The complete list of recommendations, with reference to the year they were originally published in a State of Broadband Report, can be found here

In addition to recommendations presented in these reports, thematic Working Groups develop specific recommendations based on their focus. These can be found within their dedicated Working Group pages.