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State of Broadband 2023

The 2023 State of Broadband Report, Digital Connectivity: A Transformative Opportunity, examines the shift from supply-driven to demand-driven communication access, providing insights into the financing and funding considerations required to support the next stage of connectivity for digital transformation

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Making Connectivity Work for MSMEs

The following report was developed by the Working Group on Connectivity for MSMEs, which has sought to define the key challenges and opportunities associated with MSME connectivity and its enablement in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

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The Transformative Potential of Data for Learning

The 2023 Working Group report of the Broadband Commission The report takes the position that data for learning is a double-edged sword that hangs in a balance between benefits and risks. The potential power of leveraging data to improve learning is unevenly distributed around the world, resulting in global asymmetries related to data access, skills, and sovereignty.

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Contribution to Global Digital Compact 2023

Key messages: The Commission welcomes the appointment by the President of the UN General Assembly of the Permanent Representatives of Rwanda and of Sweden as Cofacilitators to lead the intergovernmental process on the Global Digital Compact and conduct the consultations with Member States and Stakeholders on the proposal and the

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Quick Guide: 2025 Broadband Advocacy Targets

The seven Advocacy Targets of the Broadband Commission reflect ambitious and aspirational goals and function as a policy and programmatic guide for national and international action in broadband development. Starting initially with four connectivity goals established in 2011, the Targets were expanded to five in 2013, with the addition of the gender equality goal, and eventually to seven in 2018.

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