The State of Broadband

Annual Flagship Report of the Broadband Commission

Leveraging AI for Universal Connectivity

The State of Broadband annual report is a unique, global snapshot of broadband access, affordability, and use. Written through a consensus-driven framework, it draws on the collective knowledge of over 50 high-level Commissioners, including UN system leaders, industry CEOs, and distinguished leaders from government, civil society and academia.  

This year’s edition, titled “Leveraging AI for Universal Connectivity,” will be delivered in two parts. The first, released on 20 June 2024, offers an initial overview of how AI applications are already shaping development across various fields such as e-government, education, digital health, digital finance, and the environment, while also addressing associated risks and implications for the digital divide. The second part will include latest data from the year and additional insights from our Broadband Commissioners, providing a deeper exploration of the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Through tracking progress on the Broadband Commission’s 2025 Advocacy Targets as we approach the Summit of the Future and deadline for the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, the report aims to inform policymakers on AI advancements and the Commission’s goals. It emphasizes the urgent need for policymakers to leverage AI’s benefits while mitigating potential risks, ensuring equitable access to digital opportunities for all. 

Inside the report

The State of

Global snapshot of the current state of connectivity, including broadband access, affordability, and use worldwide.

Transformative Impact of AI Across Key Sectors

Exploration into how AI applications are shaping sectors like e-government, education, digital health, e-finance, and energy.

Mapping Connectivity Gaps

Insights into current progress towards achieving our 2025 Advocacy targets in the age of AI.

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