Broadband Connectivity,

Transforming Lives

Transforming Lives

The Broadband Transforming Lives Campaign illustrates the use of broadband in everyday life. Connectivity has become an essential component of modern living, acting as a tool for virtual education, healthcare, public services, social interaction, remote work and much, much more. These videos give a small glimpse into the lives of people around the world, and how they use broadband to stay connected for the greater good.

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The digital healthcare platform, LifeBank, uses broadband to track and trace blood donations. Solving a decades long problem of connecting blood and other medical supplies to the patients that need them, and saving countless lives along the way. 

Check out how @LifeBankCares uses #broadband to transform the healthcare system in Nigeria! #BroadbandTransformingLives

This video was developed in collaboration with the Broadband Commissioner from Huawei Technologies, Ms. Sun Yafang.

Social media influencer, Ratan, uses broadband connectivity to realize her dream of being a musical performer and role model through apps like TikTok and Vevo. 

Check out how singer @RatanCh48479672 was able to build her business through #broadband by creating a huge social media following on @tiktok_IN! #BroadbandTransformingLives

The digitalization of government services, like visa and passport documentation, has given access and opportunity to those like never before. This video follows a woman in rural Mexico on the path to getting her first passport. 

Check out how Mari used #broadband connectivity to get on and get her passport for the first time! #BroadbandTransformingLives

How has broadband connectivity changed your life?
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