Broadband Connectivity Transforming

Skills Building Women's Safety   Health Services   Entrepreneurship   Government Services   Lives.     

Broadband Connectivity Transforming

Skills Building Women's Safety   Health Services   Entrepreneurship   Government Services   Lives.     

The Broadband Transforming Lives Campaign illustrates the use of broadband in everyday life. Connectivity has become an essential component of modern living, acting as a tool for virtual education, healthcare, public services, social interaction, remote work and much, much more. These videos give a small glimpse into the lives of people around the world, and how they use broadband to stay connected for the greater good.

The Stories

Young changemakers around the world are using the power of broadband to connect & empower their communities.

Broadband has empowered women across the globe, improving their safety and access to resources  and opportunities.

The digital healthcare platform, LifeBank, uses broadband services to track, trace, and connect blood donations to patients. 

Influencer, Ratan, uses broadband connectivity to realize her dream of being a performer and role model through apps like TikTok. 

With the digitalization of government services, people like Mari have access to e-government tools and opportunities like never before. 

Closing the digital
skills gap

Youth are 1.24x more likely to connect to the internet than the rest of the global population. However, much work remains to be done to realize Broadband Advocacy Target 4, which aims to have 60% of youth and adults having achieved at least a minimum level of proficiency in sustainable digital skills by 2025. In this video, we spotlight four young changemakers who are using broadband to promote digital skills development, increase online safety and access to information in their various communities around the world.  

This video was produced with the support of our Broadband Commissioner from Huawei

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To improve digital skills, particularly in youth and vulnerable populations, we must reach universal connectivity. Youth are taking it upon themselves to start MSMEs to advance and connect their communities.

Digital skills for life and work

Digital technologies now underpin effective participation in key areas of life and work. In addition to technology access, the skills and competencies needed to make use of digital technology and benefit from its growing power and functionality have never been more essential.

Narrowing the Gender Digital Divide

Access to broadband services, devices and skills has proven to be essential for realizing gender equality. With only 57% of women using the Internet in 2020, compared to 62% of men, the gender digital divide must be bridged to ensure women’s safety and equal access to opportunity. In this video, we spotlight the power of broadband in improving the lives of women through the lens of 3 female-targeted mobile apps.

This video was produced with the support of our Broadband Commissioner from Huawei

Added to the Broadband Commission 2025 Targets in 2013, reaching gender equality in access and use of broadband is critical to realizing meaningful universal connectivity.
Lespwar is a mobile app that uses GPS technology to attend to calls from potential GBV victims. It is a direct initiative of the head of the Mauritian Government, the Prime Minister, Hon. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, and has won the WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society) Prize in 2021 for Champion in the category of Ethical Dimensions.
App Laudelina is a mobile app in Brazil that provides domestic workers with access to information that can improve their work conditions and empower them. It is the result of a public-private partnership and winner of the 2020 EQUALS in Tech Award in Access category.
Safetipin is an online technology platform and social organization that uses data mapping tools to make public spaces safe for women. Developed in India and now covering 65 cities around the world, the app provides credible data for safety, inclusivity and mobility based on physical and social infrastructure.

Bridging the Gender Gap in Broadband

Addressing the digital gender divide is critical to realizing the significant potential benefits that the Internet can bring for women, their communities and the broader economy. This report outlines a set of practical actions that stakeholders can take to address the gender gap in Internet access and use in order to realize this substantial opportunity.

Connecting Services to Save Lives

Broadband has been foundational to the modernization and delivery of health services. Connecting patients with healthcare providers, and health care providers with the materials that they need, this video illustrates the power of broadband to save lives through the lens LifeBank, a digital healthcare platform.

This video was produced with the support of our Broadband Commissioner from Huawei


Broadband is the lifeblood of society, keeping the world connected for the greater good.

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The 2025 Broadband Targets are interdependent, meaning no one target can be reached without the others. To improve digital skills that are necessary for small businesses to thrive, we must first expand global connectivity.

Reimagining Health Services with Broadband

Reimagining Global Health through Artificial Intelligence: The Roadmap to AI Maturity report writes that while low- and middle income countries may have the most to gain from the radical potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform health systems, they may also have the most to lose.

Creating Opportunities for Small Businesses

There is no arguing that broadband and the Internet have revolutionized the way we do business, enabling business people of all ages, genders and socioeconomic statuses to chase their dreams through the creation of online platforms. This video follows Indian entrepreneur and influencer, Ratan, illustrating how broadband has helped them build their business online.

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Small businesses can benefit from broadband connectivity, but only if access to services and devices is affordable. Reaching both of these targets is critical to sustainable development and equal opportunity.

Supporting Digital Entrepreneurship

This report examines the potential of digital entrepreneurship to dramatically improve lives of people in low- and middle-income countries, and to help those countries make progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,

Democratizing Access to Public Services

Proximity has often been equated to access, but with the expansion of broadband, this is rapidly changing. Essential services, like those run by governments, can create new opportunities for people around the world.  This video follows Mari, a woman living in rural Mexico on the path to getting her first passport, a process made possible by the internet.


Mari spent 2,000 pesos going back and forth to her village... then she realized all she needed was broadband.

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Getting people online is fundamental to sustainable and inclusive development. But, without addressing barriers like digital skills and affordability, the global divide will persist.

Policies for Advancing Digitalization

Digitalization is a universal trend but countries still have work to do to ensure policy and regulatory frameworks across sectors are ‘fit for purpose’. The Working Group on Digitalization Scorecard report focuses on assessing policy and regulatory readiness for digitalization of six chosen countries. It also outlines sector-specific policy recommendations for governments and policymakers to guide countries as they embark and progress on their digitalization journey.


How has broadband connectivity changed your life?

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