Working Group Report

Recommendations for Action: Bridging the Gender Gap in Internet and Broadband Access and Use

March 1, 2017

On 15th March 2017, the Broadband Commission Working Group on the Digital Gender Divide launched its report “Recommendations for action: bridging the gender gap in Internet and broadband access and use” during the Annual Spring Meeting of the Broadband Commission, held in Hong Kong, SAR of China.

The report identified four specific action areas for closing the digital gender gap:

​​Compile detailed evidence: collect, analyze and track sex-disaggregated data to inform policy, particularly at a national and sub-national level, through a greater understanding of the issue.

Integrate policy: integrate gender equality targets and key performance indicators into strategies, policies, plans and budgets, involving women and relevant local communities from the onset.

Address the barriers women face: confront barriers that impede gender equality online, including affordable access; issues around safety; digital literacy and confidence; and the availability of relevant content, applications and services.

Support multi-stakeholder cooperation: develop tools and policies to support national and international efforts, and effective sharing of best practices to address the digital gender gap.​

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