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A 2010 Leadership Imparetive, 2010​

​Presented to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, during the UN MDG Summit in New York in September 2010, including a Declaration, Plan of Action and recommendations. The Commission outcome report includes a High-Level Declaration calling for ‘Broadband Inclusion for All’, comprises a detailed framework for broadband deployment and ten Action Points aimed at mobilizing all stakeholders and convincing government leaders to prioritize the roll-out of broadband networks to their citizens.

The research suggests ​​a strong link between broadband penetration and economic growth. “In the 21st century, affordable, ubiquitous broadband networks will be as critical to social and economic prosperity as networks like transport, water and power. Broadband will serve as tomorrow’s fountain of innovation. It represents the ripening of the digital revolution, the fruits of which have yet to be invented or even imagined.”