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​​​​​​​Working Group on Financing and Investment 1st onsite meeting, 22 March 2014, Dublin, I​reland 

At that first meeting of newly formed Working Group, Commissioners discussed the urgent need for new strategies to finance the massive new investment in telecoms networks needed to cope with a forecast huge surge in mobile data volumes.

“The MDGs constitute the attainment of basic human rights for billions of people around the world,” noted Carlos M. Jarque, who attended the meeting as the representative of Co-Chair Carlos Slim. “The MDGs and emerging Sustainable Development Goals are the foundation for eliminating extreme poverty in the third decade of this new century. It is a fact that broadband can make a tremendous contribution towards their attainment. But in many countries, the telecommunication infrastructure now needs to be doubled every year. No other sector is facing a similar capex investment challenge. We need to identify viable new operating and financing models.”

    ​Meeting photos​

Last September at the eighth meeting of the Commission in New York, the group released the second edition of its global snapshot of broadband deployment, entitled The State of Broadband 2013 Universalizing Broadband, featuring country-by-country rankings based on access and affordability. In that report, Ireland ranked 35th out of 183 economies for fixed broadband access, 19th out of 170 economies for mobile broadband access, and 31 out of 192 economies in terms of percentage of inhabitants using the Internet (79%).​

​Press release

Broadband can solve the global development gap - Broadband must be recognized as the vital development enabler in post-2015 UN Sustainable Development framework, says Dublin meeting of UN Broadband Commission​

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